I am a non-binary artist (they/them) with an insatiable craving to create. Whether it's through web development, writing, drawing, or giving life to the dead via forbidden necromancy— I love to create! As that antediluvian beast we know as time crawls unflinchingly forward, I collect a growing suite of skills and visible projects to distract onlookers as my comrades steal away with their various goods.

Perhaps you're interested in horror? I particularly enjoy body horror— and this shows clearly with my darker works. Cosmic horror is another familiar friend of mine, and often shows up hand in hand with the former. However, horror is simply the worn and dirtied side of the coin upon which comedy lies— that is a pretentious way of me saying "I also make jokes about mole people and other ridiculous things."

Why not stay a while, look at the things I've done, perhaps decide whether or not you'd like to hire me to bring to life something trapped within the prison of your mind?