Over the course of a year I have been hired periodically by Brandon Spellman, the CEO of Flowroom, to design the brand's logo, general branding, and UI/UX for the app itself. Over the course of this project I've developed branding guidelines for the brand, its logo, myriad graphics, and, of course, designed the visual presentation of most facets of the app itself.

Operation Thingamajig

Operation Thingamajig is a TTRPG in the form of a zine that I successfully Kickstarted in 2021. The game itself is a roguelike comedy RPG, wherein players are tasked with tracking down a randomized supernatural anomaly each round. I did all of the game's art, writing, layout, and even the Kickstarter video myself. You can view the Kickstarter page here.


Qet is a dark fantasy setting and TTRPG with heavy doses of cosmic and body horror, with inspiration in part from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. At current, this is my primary personal project. You can find specific items below, or visit Qet's homepage for a more verbose introduction.

Other Projects

Time is limited, and my list of projects grows faster than I can add them here, so I will mention a few here with links where applicable below; I've 4 other narrative settings (APRA, Umqwam, Heliox Stardust, The Many Dreams of Ca'eam), I run and edit a collaborative worldbuilding zine called The Whirl Bill, I make tiny TTRPGs whenever I feel like it, I designed everything for my Twitch channel, and more!